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Kiten in Lagoinha

Lagoinha is the perfect place for kitesurfing. Constand wind (15 - 28 nuts) from south blows over the best month of the year, from June till February. A 100% wind security is nearly guaranteed.

With kite sizes from 7 - 12 m² you are perfectly equipped. For all other months you need kite size from 9 - 16 m².

On the beautiful lagoon with flat water conditions you can learn kite surfing with success. Beginners and advanced kiters can improve and perfect their style. For lovers of waves and downwind trips the spot is perfect.

Courses & Rental

Kite school

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Lagoinha is also a perfect surf spotwith moderate waves. By the way, Jona a local is the champion of the whole northeast of Brazil.

Surfboards can be rented for a small amount.

Wind & Weather

The state of Brazil CERA, only 4 degree away from the equator, has a regular and plesant climate. Air temperature: 28ºC, water: 26ºC.